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Why Flowers

In May of 2015, when I got married, we only had a week long engagement, so we collected bridal veil and lily of the valley from our gardens, and my mother cut lilacs from my grandmother's shrub.  Every year, on our anniversary, our table is graced with the same flowers that I carried on my wedding day, and I have been enamored with the local flower movement ever since.

We grow our flowers in harmony with nature.  Our gardens are biodiverse, regenerative and naturally maintained. 


We design each arrangement, bouquet, tablescape, crown, comb, or boutonniere with the spirit of mother nature; honored, collected and arranged by an artists' hand.  We use sustainable techniques, and do not use floral foam.   We often pick invasive plants and sow native species in their place.

*All uncredited photos on this page are taken by Katie Schneider Photography.


Be Different

We do things differently at Highland Springs.  

We are growing and designing flowers to support the development, growth, and maintenance of our regenerative 24 acre farm in East Concord, NY.  


We open our wedding bookings in the fall, after the current season's weddings are complete, so each week, we can concentrate on the brides who've put their faith in us. 

We grow gardens, not just flowers, so our floral designs are inspired by the natural beauty and flow of our gardens and our landscapes.  

When you book with us, we will be working for you over the course of 6 to 12 months.  We will choose flowers and seeds to grow specifically for you.

 Up to 10 days before your wedding, you are invited to visit the farm and point out the flowers that you'd like in your designs, so the week of your wedding, we can harvest and collect wild bits and perfect blooms, based on what you choose in our gardens.  This way we are able to create a floral experience stylized specially for you.  

You are unique and thoughtful, 

choose wedding flowers that reflect that.


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