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Getting Started

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

2020 food system issues challenged concepts of security many of us took for granted.

2020 changed a lot of things for a lot of people.

In January, we moved full time to a our property in East Concord, NY, where we planned to slowly study the water and nutrient cycles on the property over the course of the year, while planning a CSA farm and permacultural orchard. In March, I found myself out of a job as the restaurant industry was hit with new restrictions and uncertainty.

So when life handed us lemons, we made lemonade.

Actually, we were literally making lemonade with the organic citrus we were receiving from our winter CSA share with Thorpes Organic Farm. When the pandemic hit, we were able to avoid the grocery store rush, because we had food preserved from our gardens in the city and we were members of the Thorpes biweekly winter farm share. Our comfortable position on productive land in the country was not lost on us, as the pandemic continued to uncover shrouded national issues of inequity and inequality.

As we became more aware of the injustice around us, we wanted to be able to support others, as we worked to support ourselves. With my newly found free time, we quickly pivoted our plans and dug into go-mode... we put in a huge fruit tree order, and prepared a nursery, we ordered turkey poults and laying chicks, we ordered seeds to grow storage crops and items that could be canned, fermented, dried and otherwise stored over the winter. We built poultry coops, trimmed apple trees, broke ground on our garden, tapped maple trees, and built a deer fence. We got to work learning our land.

We began working to create a farm that could support a community... and today, for the first time, we're ready to invite community in to share the rewards of our efforts. We are looking for 15 families, who are willing to help us grow, and to grow with us... sustainably, locally, naturally on a promise of healthy fruits and vegetables to nourish your body, mind, spirit, and sense of community. As we grow our crops this year, we are planning to grow an over abundance, so that we can donate fresh food within the urban community, where food security has been substantial issue for decades.

If you know any families in need this summer, please let us know.

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