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Highland Springs NY is a small 24 acre farm located 40 minutes south of Buffalo, in East Concord, NY. 


We are Matthew and Sarah Newton, and we began stewarding the land at Highland Springs in January of 2020. Since 2020 was our first year on the farm, and the pandemic threatened international food security, we dove right into planting a large home garden , while exploring the natural inclinations of the land.  We grew a variety of crops that we could store and process to extend the bounty of our harvest.  Sarah's culinary background, gained over ten years of starting and managing merge restaurant, is utilized in canning, fermenting, drying, and processing as much of our produce as possible.  In 2022 she became a Master Preserver and is certified in Acidified Food Preservation.  She has been designing flowers for two years and spends most of her free time researching new plants and styles of sustainable design.


Meanwhile, we have been building a new orchard and revitalizing existing tress by pruning, grafting and tending. We are constantly working more and more of the land by cover cropping, collecting natural materials to improve the soil, and building farm infrastructure.  

In 2020, we raised heritage breed, Narragansett, turkeys organically on free range. We learned to butcher and process them ourselves, while utilizing their wastes as garden amendments, and honoring their lives.

We studied and identified hundreds of native and ornamental species of plants, shrubs, trees, and mushrooms.

In 2021, we invited a small community of members to join us in a vegetable CSA scheme.  We developed more flower gardens and orchards, and in 2022, and we have been able to direct our energy into the parts of growing that sustain us, while giving us the time to care for and develop as much of the land as possible.  


Natural farming supports the health of beneficial insects and pollinators.

Summer Trail Maintenance
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