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Poppies in June.

Highland Springs Floral Design

Celebrate Love.  Celebrate Life.  Celebrate the Earth.  Naturally.  Thoughtfully.

Spring flowers: tulips, daffodil, fritillaria.

Choosing Local Flowers

Highland Springs Floral's focus is on stunning seasonal specialty cut flowers.  We concentrate on celebration, wedding, event, and gift flowers.

Like love, growing flowers is a practice in patience. Flowers bloom in their own time.  

Our designs, installations, arbors, arrangements, bouquets, tablescapes, crowns, combs, clouds and boutonniere are inspired by our gardens.  Like our garden beds, our designs are honored, collected, and arranged by an artists' hand. Choosing local flowers from our farm (floristry) means that each design contains unique bits of of branches and blooms, fruits and textures.  Seasons differ slightly from year to year, so every piece is suited to uniquely celebrate your special moment.  


We practice sustainable design, and do not use floral foam.  Our goal is not only to provide you with beautiful flowers, but to design a more beautiful world, from the roots up. 

Whether you are getting married in the spring, summer, or fall we always have an abundance of beautiful flowers to inspire and celebrate you. 

For brides getting married outside of our growing season, we have plant rentals and dried flower designs available.  We preserve masses of flowers throughout the season, so in the winter, our stores are full of stunning color and texture.

No matter when you're getting married, if you are interested in a personalized seasonal floral design, in the WNY area, contact us about setting up a free 30 minute floral consultation.

Choosing local flowers is better for the environment, while supporting local agriculture, pollinators, wildlife, and markets.

Self portrait on a bench made by Sit Buffalo in the Forget-me-not patch.

your designer

Hello, I'm Sarah, flower farmer and designer.  I'm a photographer, writer, farmer, home cook, and florist. Supporting local economy, reducing waste, and sharing artful ways of living have been my driving goals throughout my life, so it is both grounding and empowering to be settled into stewardship of this land, at Highland Springs.  My designs are inspired by my gardens and landscape. My styles of designs are flower forward, wild, boho, and elegantly modern.  I'm inspired by forest, orchards, stream beds, landscape, colors, textures, and all the pieces and connections I continue to make, while exploring this land. 

  the process

My floral design process is uniquely based entirely around the local season. The WNY regional fresh flower season runs from late April through the end of October.  

Bridal consultations begin with your wedding date, a phone call, your hopes and dreams. When you choose Highland Springs as your event florist, you are provided an in depth introduction into local floral seasonality. We grow everything from trees with flowering branches to bulbs, perennials, tender perennials, and annuals. 

Our floral consult and proposals will let you know what flowers we can grow and in what colors we can grow them.  Contact us to book your consultation now.

For all full service events, you are invited to the farm up to 10 days prior to your event to choose your flowers from the fields.  If you are not local, or cannot make the trip to the farm, flowers can be chosen via text and email.



We have three different flower package options to suit every budget and event.  Fill out an event inquiry for more information.

Full Service Events 

Starting at $3500.

All your event flowers delivered and setup for your ceremony and reception..

Full service flowers for events includes setup and delivery: arbors, clouds, installations, bouquets, crowns, corsages, centerpieces, boutonnieres.
Screenshot 2023-09-26 at 2_edited.jpg

A La Carte Events

No Minimum.

Choose the few flowers you want.   

Have a friend pick up and set up.

A la carte event flowers.  Arbors, clouds, installations, bouquets, crowns, corsages, centerpieces, boutonnieres.
Colleen's Fall Bouquet.jpg

Bulk Flower Buckets

For the DIYers.

Farm pick up the morning of your event.

Deciding how many buckets to order is up to you.  This option pairs with a la carte bouquets.

Bulk flower bucket for DIY brides.
“Sarah from Highland Springs Floral was hands down our favorite vendor to work with for our wedding! The entire process was magical. Early into the planning, Sarah was very helpful with explaining what types of flowers would bloom at the time of year we would be getting married. She is good at educating, communicating, working with your budget, and has a huge emphasis on sustainability (which is certainly refreshing in the wedding industry). I knew I wanted a lot of color with our florals, heat of the summer kind of vibes for a late August wedding. And a week or so prior to the big day, I had the privilege of going to her farm and together we walked through her garden picking out all sorts of flowers I would like to have. When it came to the big day, I was thrilled with how much variety, color, and contrast was in my bouquet! Numerous people told me the florals were some of the most beautiful arrangements they had ever seen!! My bridesmaids are still raving about their bouquets because they had basil in them and thus they smelled amazing! She provided stunning centerpieces, ceremony flowers, and flowers to add to the cake which were all breathtaking and truly made the place even better than I could have envisioned. Prior to my wedding, I never cared about dried flowers, but this was one bouquet I was absolutely hanging upside down for two weeks and I now have my bouquet sitting on my bookshelf to admire daily! Thank you for bringing my vision to life, Sarah! I cannot wait to see the creative ways your bring other people's visions to life in events to come!

Julia Grant - Rooney, 2022 Bride

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