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Subscriptions are the Highland Springs way of building farming community, and connecting with fellow flower and garden enthusiasts, who want to support our farm.  With a punch card subscription to our farm, you become part of the farm community, and are invited to join us with a 20% discount to future farm events, picnics, classes.  



The Arrangement Punch Card subscription is a beautiful compliment to our Gardener's Punch Card subscription, if you want a more intimate look at flower varieties, you might want to add to your gardens and use in arrangements as they bloom throughout the seasons.



Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Discount

This year we're excited to offer a REUSE discount on this subscription.  If you choose this option, each time you get a flower arrangement, we'll discuss where and how it's displayed, and we will choose a special vase for your custom arrangement, and you'll return the vase/ vessel, when we connect for your next arrangement.  To select this discount, enter REUSE as a coupon code and receive 20% off your punch card.



Please let us know at least a week in advance, or as soon as you know when you'd like your arrangement.  Arrangements requested outside our local growing season, can be made from dried flowers or in the form of a wreath.  Flower deliveries are available every Wednedsay (and some Fridays) throughout the bloom season.  If you've paid for deliveries, we can deliver each arrangement anywhere in our delivery zone.  



If you'd like to have your arrangements delivered, you can select Arrangement delivery in the shop.  There are options for individual deliveries, if you'd like a gift sent, or can't make it to the farm, and there is an option to have your entire subscription delivered throughout the season. 

Flower Friends Punch Cards - 5 Specialty Flower Arrangements

Color Options
  • We do not offer refunds on any of the investments that are made in our farm. We will, however, try to accomodate any changes of situations with an exchange for a different farm product.

  • Please choose Delivery from the Store Items, or we can arrange for you to pick up from the farm.  

    In the store, there are two options for delivery, one for subscriptions, and a single delivery.  Please choose the item that applies to your situation.

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